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Distance Learning Engagement Series: An Overview Framework Update (TIES Center)


Building Engagement with Distance Learning provides a framework for supporting all students, including those with significant cognitive disabilities, to actively:

  • Interact with others; Engage with classmates;
  • Learn grade-level general education curriculum and other essential skills;
  • Participate in routines and transitions

The Distance Learning articles are organized by the priority Learning Components that provide multiple ?learning opportunities in inclusive environments across the day for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Participating in Routines and Transitions

  • DL #7 Self-Determined Schedule Making
  • DL #8 Time Management During Distance Learning

Engaging in Grade Level Academics and Other Essential Skills

  • DL #2 A Collaborative Start to Behavioral Supports
  • DL #3 Effective Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) Within the Distance Learning Environment: What in the World Does That Look Like?
  • DL #6 Getting "Unstuck:" Tips to Help Your Child If They Get Stuck with Their Remote Learning
  • DL #10 Distance Learning and Communication Systems
  • DL #11 Embedding Instruction at Home
  • DL #15 Data Collection and Distance Learning
  • DL #16 Increasing Opportunities to Respond and Provide Feeedback to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities in Inclusive Online Environments
  • DL #22 Grading Considerations for Inclusive Classrooms in an Online Environment
  • DL #25 Embedding Instruction During Hybrid Learning

Interacting with Others

  • DL #1 Morning Meetings
  • DL #12 Promoting Engagement for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities on Group Learning Platforms

Across the Learning Components (DL #4, #5, #9, #13, #14, #17, #18, #19, #21, #23, #24)


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