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Transition to Adulthood Guidelines (OCALI)


"Transition to adulthood" is a complex and ongoing process that starts as soon as a child is born and continues as the child becomes an adolescent, to early adult life and then through the stages of adulthood. While this process is complicated at best for any person, the individual with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) faces unique challenges that require specialized considerations. This set of guides will help the user understand these challenges and raise awareness of these important considerations.

  • Transition Planning and the IEP
  • Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment
  • Employment and the Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • School-Age Programming
    • Executive Function and Organization


After High School Assessment Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Childhood Employment High School Independent Living Individualized Education Program (IEP) Middle School Parent/Family Postsecondary Education Transition