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Workplace Readiness Toolkit - Practicing Employment Skills at Home (VCU Center on Transition Innovations, CTI) August 2020


This toolkit includes weekly activities to reinforce workplace readiness skills that have already been taught at school. Each activity sheet focuses on one specific workplace readiness skill that can easily be practiced at home, supplemented with technology, and varied with modifications to meet the needs of all students. Each skill learned builds upon the next skill and should continue to be reinforced at home, school, and community throughout the semester and school year. It is important to note, workplace readiness skills should not be taught or reinforced in isolation. They should be incorporated into the daily routine of a student. Teachers and families have the flexibility to modify the activities to meet the needs of each student and family.

Each activity sheet includes:

  • Introduction and definition of one workplace readiness skill
  • Menu of activities to do as a family
  • At least one activity that doesn’t require technology
  • Reflection questions for families to utilize to provide feedback to educators


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