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Virginia School Health Guidelines Manual (1999)


This manual is a resource book that contains basic information, guidelines, and recommendations for establishing and enhancing a school health program. It reflects a growing emphasis on the role of school health in prevention of disease and health promotion and wellness for students. The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines for local school divisions to develop or strengthen their school health program at the individual, school program, or community level.

These guidelines are intended to:

  • Provide direction for school divisions to develop a school health program at the local level.
  • Increase the awareness of school health issues and strategies that can be used to address these issues.
  • Provide guidelines for primary prevention.
  • Serve as a guide for appropriate practices that relate to school health.
  • Provide a guide for development of local school health policies and programs.
  • Serve as a tool for orienting new school personnel.


Art/Health/Music/Physical Education (PE) Collaboration Curriculum/Instructional Methods Parent/Family Professional Resources