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Inclusion Project Event Mini-Grants (Virginia Department of Education & the Partnership for People with Disabilities) Application Due: November 15, 2018


The Virginia Department of Education in collaboration with the Partnership for People with Disabilities supports the Inclusion Project, a youth led initiative to increase disability awareness in schools.

This year, the Inclusion Project is pleased to announce it is offering up to 10 mini grants (max: $2,000) to support schools interested in planning an Inclusion Project event. This application has two sections: 1) is for contact and event information and 2) is for the budget proposal. All applications must have both sections completed in order to be considered for a mini-grant.

Eligible Applicants:

Must be a K-12 school (either public or private) or a Parent Resource Center
Must have the approval of the Authorized Official of the School or Local Education Agency

Due Date:

November 15, 2018- Applications will not be accepted after this date. 



Disability Characteristics Inclusion Parent/Family Professional Resources