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Camps for Children and Adults with Disabilities (Updated March 2024)


Websites to Search for Camps:
Articles on Choosing a Summer Camp for your child:
  • KidsHealth Camp Information: The benefits of camp, different types, how to search, questions to ask staff, etc.
  • Learning Disabilities Online Camp articleArticle by Ann Cathcart, the director and founder of The Learning Camp and the parent of a child with a learning disability, tells you how to evaluate summer camps and select one that is right for your child.

Excerpted from April 2024 E-news from Formed Families Forward:


Once a program is chosen, preparing ahead of time. Here are suggestions to ease the transition: 

  • Empower your children by encouraging them to help make the choices about which camps or programs they attend.
  • To ease anxiety, visit the facilities in advance (if possible) and rehearse transitions to and from camp. 
  • Prior to camp, show enthusiasm! Get your child excited about camp and all of the fun opportunities they will have.
  • Avoid focusing on abstract concepts like homesickness or potential relationships and instead focus on concrete details.
  • In addition, check out the Happy Camper: Making Summer Camps Accessible guide from the Disability Law Center of Virginia.

The original camp information was provided by Camping for All, 2020. (Updated March 2024)


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