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Guide to Individualized Education Programs (IEP) (Autism Speaks)


Autism Speaks launched the Guide to Individualized Education Programs, the organization’s first interactive, mobile-friendly, video-based resource for families in the autism community.

The popular original IEP Guide has been updated, revamped and digitized to provide you with the advocacy tools you need to make sure your child is receiving the best possible education tailored to his or her unique strengths and challenges.

The guide includes a video series featuring a renowned attorney, school psychologist and speech pathologist answering your frequently asked questions. The experts share advice on how to be the strongest advocate for your child at school.

The new interactive format is divided into six simple sections filled with videos and tools to guide you in the right direction as you navigate the IEP journey and the school system with your child:

  • IEP Basics
  • Getting an IEP
  • Developing an IEP
  • Changing an IEP
  • Disputing an IEP
  • Important Things to Remember


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