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Back to School: Five Ways to Support Your Children (National Council for Mental Wellbeing)


Use these tips from the Youth Mental Health First Aid curriculum to support your children as they go back to school:

Check in. Whether you’re having a conversation at dinner or talking to them while driving in the car, ask about how they are feeling. Encourage open and honest conversation and remind them that it is okay to ask for help.

Talk about COVID-19. Your children may have questions about the pandemic. Encourage them to ask anything and help them feel heard. Honest answers and reassurance can help them feel calm about the situation.

Establish a routine. Your children might be going back to school in person full time, staying in a virtual setting, or trying a hybrid of the two. With any of these scenarios, there will be a new schedule. Help them establish a routine through weekly planning check-ins that take into account your morning and nighttime routine, homework, chores and time to relax. Knowing what they can expect will alleviate some stress for young people.

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