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Preparing Students with Intellectual Disabilities for College Expectations (Think College)


Tips to prepare students with intellectual disabilities for college expectations

In this Grab and Go Practices, Think College focuses on three primary campus experiences college students need
to be prepare for. Student may engage in these activities with little or no support from adults. These experiences include:

  1. Campus participation
  2. Academic preparation
  3. Personal responsibility

Many skills students learn earlier in their education can be generalized to college, although some students may still require support or accommodations. How do these expectations arise at college? What strategies can we use to help students meet these expectations?

Prepare for the Expectations of College in High School

This document identifies many college expectations for entering college freshmen and what middle and secondary school students with intellectual disability, their teachers, and parents can do to prepare for those expectations. There are three categories of expectations: personal independence, academic engagement, and civic and social engagement.


Intellectual Disability Postsecondary Education Transition