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Supporting Students with Intensive Needs during COVID-19 (National Center on Intensive Instruction, NCII)


During Spring 2020, educators quickly adapted to providing interventions and collecting data virtually despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents were critical partners in supporting opportunities for students with intensive needs to practice and receive feedback and sharing what was working and when changes are needed. During Fall 2020, educators are providing virtual, in-person, and hybrid intervention with an ongoing need to engage with and support parents and families. While the context and environment may have changed, the focus on providing high-quality interventions with validated practices, monitoring student progress, and adapting and intensifying supports based on student data continues to be applicable across virtual, in-person, or hybrid models.

  • Mathematics Intervention Examples
  • Literacy Intervention Examples
  • Behavior Strategies
  • Data Collection & Teaming
  • Implementation Support
  • Collaborating with Families


Behavior Curriculum/Instructional Methods Family Engagement Literacy Math