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Virginia Community School Framework (VCSF) (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)


The Virginia Community School Framework (VCSF) seeks to remove nonacademic barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic success. Community schools vigorously pursue equity by creating opportunities, empowering communities, providing wrap-around services, and meeting students where they are, every day. Policies, practices, and supports allow for flexibility that put students first.

The VCSF aligns with the Virginia Department of Education’s commitment to maximizing the potential of all learners through the following key elements:

  • Rich data sources to determine the root cause of problems and identify student/community needs;
  • Shared leadership of school goals and outcomes;
  • Supportive of basic needs and emotional/mental health needs;
  • Engagement of students and families in authentic, supportive ways;
  • Comprehensive school plans that are the result of collaboration between school staff, community stakeholders, families, and students; and
  • Unifying partnerships with community organizations and businesses.

Resources on the following topics are included:

  • National Models
  • Framework Tools
  • Basic Need Resources
  • Emotional/Mental Health Resources
  • Student Engagement and Motivation Resources
  • Family Engagement Resources
  • Additional Community Schools Guides and Models
  • Data Collection Resources
  • Data Sources
  • Additional Evaluation Tools


Behavior Employment Family Engagement Mental Health Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Social/Emotional Transition