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Webinar Recording: Attachment in the Classroom How Trusting Early Experiences Shape Brain Development, by Dr. Jon Baylin


Join Dr. Jon Baylin for an overview of the science of attachment and how early experiences shape brain development. You will learn how children develop trust and mistrust of adults and peers, including early educators. Neurosciences tells us that when children come to school with brains dedicated to self-defense and core mistrust, they are not in a state of mind and body for learning. Children need to experience the teacher and the classroom as a physically and emotionally safe enough place to let their guard down and open their minds for learning. Dr. Bayin will provide you with brain-based strategies to make your program a safe environment and help you develop trusting and balanced relationships with the children in your care. You will learn how adults can send “safety messages” to young children to help them experience “relational safety” and build foundations for learning and future development.

To watch the recording:

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This webinar was transformational. We encourage you to share it with your staff. We apologize for the problem with the file. It was a function of our webinar provider.


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