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EZ AT 2: Simple Assistive Technology Ideas for Children Ages Birth to Three (2011)


Welcome to EZ AT II, a guide for parents and professionals who want to help infants and toddlers with disabilities participate more fully in daily activities. This guide shows how using simple assistive technology (AT) can help children with disabilities from birth to age 3 reach that goal.

AT refers to a wide range of products, devices and strategies that help increase or improve a person’s ability to participate in life activities such as playing, reading, communicating, etc. AT opens doors of possibilities and can help infants and toddlers develop important developmental and early learning skills.

This guide is a collection of “Ideas to Share” from the Tots-n-Tech Project. The ideas have been expanded to include easy-to-follow directions, as well as a glossary and vendor list so materials, supplies and AT can be easily located. An item that is listed in the glossary will be tagged in the AT idea.

Children with disabilities have the potential to achieve great things. The more fully children can participate in activities, the more likely they are to reach that potential. The activities in this book can be a bridge to such success.


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