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10 Podcasts for Dyslexia Awareness (The Literacy Nest)


10 Podcasts for Dyslexia Awareness - Podcasts are a great way to incorporate media consumption into your daily life. Unlike video or reading from books, podcasts are made to be listened to “on the go”. The listening format is particularly accessible for people with dyslexia and those who find themselves super busy. I enjoy listening to podcasts in the car and while exercising.

While you can find podcasts about virtually ANY topic, it is worthwhile for teachers to listen to dyslexia podcasts for two reasons.

  • First, they are learning more about dyslexia and how best to meet the needs of their learners.
  • Second, when teachers hear the words and voices of students with dyslexia or of adults about their experiences growing up with dyslexia, I think it motivates us as teachers to do better. It humanizes the statistics and gives voices to students that may not yet have the confidence or words to speak for themselves. For students, listening to these podcasts reassures them that they are not alone and gives them the tools to self-advocate.


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