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Trauma-Sensitive Student Support During School Closures: Practical Strategies for Helping Caregivers Help Kids (


"The COVID-19 pandemic is understandably causing worry and fear for youth, families, and educators. Each person’s feelings are different; our needs are too. Some crave structure; others prefer freedom to be and feel, rest, connect, play, create, read, or learn in self-directed ways. Caregivers may want to hold children close. Some kids may want that too; other young people are desperate for freedom and time with their friends. The purpose of this post is to encourage everyone to trust themselves in both what they feel and what they need as individuals, families, and people in community (even if it’s from a physical distance) during a time when so much is unknown.

With school closings announced, I created some (and am suggesting other) trauma-sensitive social and emotional learning (SEL) activities that you are welcome to use as part of home (or elsewhere)-based support for all kids. If you want to think of these as a curriculum, that works. I think of them as things I made to help students (and grown-ups) with their big feelings."


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