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Parent's Guide to Additional Services (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)


Q. How do I know if my child needs additional help in school?

A. Your child’s school uses a variety of methods to determine if your child needs additional help. Your child may need additional help if he or she:

  • Is performing poorly in school
  • Has been absent from school a significant number of days
  • Is reading below grade level
  • Fails to achieve a passing score on SOL tests

Q. My child is having difficulty in school. Is there help my child can receive?

A. Your child’s teacher or principal can give you more information about the programs offered by your school division that will meet the needs of your child. The programs offered might vary depending on your child’s grade, the type of problem your child is having and the services offered by the school. Some programs available to your child may include help with homework, summer school, and assistance during the regular school day or after school.

Q. How do I enroll my child in summer school?

A. Almost every public school division in Virginia offers summer school. In addition, many private schools offer summer school programs. You should check with your child’s teacher or principal about what summer school services are offered by your public school and how to make arrangements for your child to attend.

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