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Virginia Ability (Building Inclusive Workplaces)


Virginia Ability is a nonprofit organization that was originally established in 2003 as the Virginia Business Leadership Network (VABLN) through the President’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities. Virginia Ability is comprised of a Board of Directors consisting of representatives from local businesses and corporations that provides perspective on workplace disability inclusion, and a Community Advisory Council that provides guidance and consultation to help the Board achieve its goal of educating employers about the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities.

The mission of Virginia Ability is to recognize the unique attributes and experiences in people with disabilities and increase diversity in the workforce.

Through our programs and partnerships, Virginia Ability educates businesses to dispel the myths around disabilities and help employers connect and build strong employee engagement; cultivates partnerships to remove the distance between job seekers, companies and resources; and empowers businesses to build distinctively inclusive cultures that are accessible for all employees.


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