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Self-Management Resources (n2y)


Teaching Self-Management for Student Independence:

Teachers are always looking for ways to increase their students’ independence. Self-management (SM) is an evidence-based strategy that aims to do just that. With self-management, students learn a method of monitoring and reinforcing their own behavior or skill development. This also gives them the ability to actively engage in their own learning, receive immediate feedback, and self-management is a skill that will help students achieve success throughout their life. The benefit for practitioners and parents is a decrease in the student’s dependence on adults.

In the Recorded Webinar- Positivity: Empowering Self-Regulation webinar you'll learn:

  • How to deliver timely student-centered strategies that promote positive behaviors.
  • Strategies for preventing classroom disruptions before they happen.
  • Ways to save valuable time on data collection and reporting to keep the focus on instruction and lay the foundation for successful learning outcomes

Social and Emotional Wellness for Teachers and Administrators Guide

Teaching in a year turned upside down by a national health crisis has placed incredible demands on educators. Now more than ever, it is important for teachers and administrators to make social and emotional wellness a priority. Practicing self-care is key to combatting stress and preventing burnout—and sets a healthy example for your students!


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