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Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit Resources for Parents, Educators and Professionals Serving Children, Youth and Families


In 2006, the Highmark Foundation launched an initiative to improve the health and well-being of Pennsylvania’s children. A focus within the initiative was to achieve impact through supporting the road scale dissemination of the evidence-based Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP). The foundation also sought to develop and provide systems of support for schools engaged in bullying prevention. Statement from the Highmark Foundation.

As Highmark Foundation delved more deeply into the bullying issue and supported increasing numbers of schools in adopting the OBPP, a significant problem came to light. Some parents with children victimized and in crisis because of bullying needed immediate support and relief, but were not finding it. This is because some schools did not have bullying prevention programs in place or were ineffective in dealing with the parents’ issues. In addition, many agencies typically called upon in crisis situations seemed to have little in-depth knowledge regarding bullying and were unfamiliar with the resources available to support parents and students.

The Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit begins to bridge these gaps and ensures that parents and various agencies have a fast track to assessing and meeting needs when a bullying situation causes distress in families. By supporting the development of this toolkit, the Highmark Foundation seeks to provide a lasting and valued resource to address difficult bullying incidents.


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