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Children’s Challenging Behaviors Workshop Series (NAMI Virginia)


Children’s Challenging Behaviors is a six-hour workshop for parents of children and youth with mental health needs. In this workshop, a trained and experienced parent provides information to help parents understand typical behaviors versus challenging behaviors that require intervention. Parents learn when and how to seek help, develop parenting strategies, learn the ins and outs of special education and other educational supports, and discover community resources available to families and youth.

The goals of this workshop are that parents will:

  • Gain an understanding of typical challenging childhood behavior and what to look for in behavior that merits a closer look
  • Gain an understanding of mental wellness and mental health conditions in children and develop strategies to support your child/children
  • Learn about mental health conditions and how they may affect a child’s behavior and school performance
  • Learn strategies to support a child with challenging behaviors and/or a mental health disorder
  • Learn information to overcome stigma and myths that are sometimes associated with mental health conditions and challenging behaviors
  • Learn advocacy skills
  • Learn accurate information about special education as it relates to the education of children with challenging behaviors or a mental health condition
  • Learn about community supports

 How to Find the Program in Your Community

The following affiliates currently offer this program.

  • NAMI Central Virginia
  • NAMI Northern Shenandoah Valley
  • NAMI Northern Virginia
  • NAMI Prince William
  • NAMI Roanoke
  • NAMI Williamsburg
  • NAMI Virginia Beach


(804) 285-8264
Laura May-CCB Trainings


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