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Guiding Principles: A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate and Discipline (U.S. Department of Education) January 2014


Schools must be both safe and supportive for effective teaching and learning to take place. Three key principles can guide efforts to create such productive learning environments. First, work in a deliberate fashion to develop positive and respectful school climates and prevent student misbehavior before it occurs. Ensure that clear, appropriate, and consistent expectations and consequences are in place to prevent and address misbehavior. And finally, use data and analysis to continuously improve and ensure fairness and equity for all students.


ADD/ADHD Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavior Challenging Behavior Deaf-Blind Developmental Delay Elementary Emotional Disabilities Hearing Impairment High School Intellectual Disabilities Learning Disability Middle School Mild/Moderate Disabilities Multiple Disabilities Orthopedic Impairment Other Health Impairment Parent/Family Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Preschool Professional Resources Speech/Language Impairment Traumatic Brain Injury Vision Impairment