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COVID-19 and Early Childhood Playlist on YouTube (VCU-ACE, Virginia Commonwealth University, Autism Center for Excellence)


VCU-ACE is delighted to announce the development of early childhood specific resources for families raising young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  These resources are designed to support families through the challenges and disruptions of COVID-19, as well as support families in understanding topics related to ASD and child development.  

From Our House to Yours: A Message to Families

In this VCU-ACE video resource, Alicia Hart, VCU-ACE Training Associate and parent of a child with ASD, sends a personal message to families across the Commonwealth.

Explain It! Routines and Schedules

This VCU-ACE video resource helps families raising young children with ASD understand the importance of routines and schedules in a child's life.

From Breakfast to Bedtime: What Children Learn Through Routines

This VCU-ACE video resource helps families understand just how much young children are learning throughout everyday daily routines.

Use What Works: Teaching Routines

This VCU-ACE video resource provides families a basic explanation of evidence-based practices such as task analysis, visual supports, prompting, and reinforcement as they teach their child new routines.

And more.....


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