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Building the Legacy for Our Youngest Children with Disabilities (Current as of 2017) (Center for Parent Information & Resources, CPIR)


About the Training Curriculum

Title |  Building the Legacy for Our Youngest Children with Disabilities: A Training Curriculum on Part C of IDEA 2004

By Whom? | This training curriculum was produced by NICHCY at the request of the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education. The Center for Parent Information and Resources is pleased to house this curriculum and to make it continuously available.

For Whom? |  The curriculum is intended to help all those involved with infants and toddlers with disabilities understand and implement Part C of IDEA 2004. That’s the federal law that authorizes early intervention services in the nation.

What’s Included? | Modules are designed to be used primarily by trainers to train others about early intervention program under Part C of IDEA. As such, each completed module has a slideshow, a trainer’s guide, and handouts and activity sheets for participants. You don’t have to be a trainer to learn from the curriculum, though. All are welcome to read, download, learn, and share.

Why? | Final regulations for Part C of IDEA were published in September 2011. OSEP wanted to ensure that the early intervention field had solid guidance about those regulations–what’s new, what’s the same, and the oh-so-many details involved in providing early intervention services to eligible infants and toddlers with disabilities in every state and territory.


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