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Evidence-Based Practice Summaries (IRIS Center)


The IRIS Center has assembled an impressive collection of Evidence-Based Practice Summaries of research about the effectiveness of various instructional strategies and interventions. The summaries include links to research reports, information about an intervention’s level of effectiveness, and the age groups for which it is designed.

Summaries are available on the following topics: Assessment (includes progress monitoring), Behavior and Classroom Management, Content Instruction, Diversity, Learning Strategies, Mathematics, Reading, Literacy, Language arts, RTI (including Early Intervening), School Improvement/Leadership, and Transition.


After High School Autism Spectrum Disorder Curriculum/Instructional Methods Developmental Delay Early Childhood Early Intervention Elementary Emotional Disabilities Employment English Learners (ELs) Evidence-Based Practice General Education High School History/Social Science Instructional Strategies Learning Disability Literacy Math Middle School Postsecondary Education Preschool Science Social/Emotional Transition