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Evidence-Based Practice Summaries (IRIS Center)


These research summaries covering instructional strategies and interventions offer information that includes level of effectiveness as well as the age groups for which a given strategy or intervention is designed. Links to the original reports are also provided for those who might wish to explore further.

Summaries are available on the following topics: Assessment (includes progress monitoring), Behavior and Classroom Management, Content Instruction, Diversity, Early intervention/Early Childhood, Learning Strategies, Mathematics, MTSS/RTI (includes intensive intervention) Reading/Literacy,/Language arts, School Improvement/Leadership, and Transition.


After High School Assessment Behavior Curriculum/Instructional Methods Early Childhood Early Intervention Elementary Evidence-Based Practice General Education High School History/Social Science Instructional Strategies Literacy Math Middle School Postsecondary Education Preschool Science Social/Emotional Transition