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Social distancing challenges: Tips to help kids at school


Impulsivity and social distancing-

Kids who are impulsive have a hard time putting on the brakes and thinking through their actions. If they’re excited to talk or play with other kids, they may get too close without realizing it.

Quick tip for families: Practice putting on the brakes by playing a version of “Red Light Green Light.” Put stuffed animals or other objects around the house. When your child starts getting close, call out “yellow light.” If they get closer than 6 feet, call out “red light.” You can also use these phrases in public so you’re not yelling “Stop!” 

Quick tip for teachers: Agree on a verbal and a visual class signal for kids to use when others get too close to them. For example, the word might be “Halt!” and the signal is putting up a palm. Tell them everybody can use those signals when somebody gets too close to them.